Why Choose TCW for your Training Partner

Why Choose The Computer Workshop
for Your Training Partner?


There are many reasons we can give you for choosing The Computer Workshop (TCW) as your Training and Consulting Partner… I thought it might be nice to hear why our clients choose us for their training and consulting services.  


Here are several comments that will paint a picture worth being part of…


This is from one of our Federal Agency clients when asked to fill out a Past Performance Questionnaire about TCW as a whole: The Computer Workshop has been a breath of fresh air in a challenging contracting arena.  This is the type of company the federal government should be excited to partner with to accomplish our mission.  They have been exceedingly accommodating and have been acting as a valued team member on our mission since the inception of our contract.  I would encourage you to take a good, long look at this company when evaluating your professional training needs.”


Regarding the capability of our Educational Consultant’s ability to coordinate setting up an ArcGIS Pro class March of 2020: “Cheri, I wanted to send you a thank you for all your endless work in getting everyone set up for the ArcGIS Pro class! It all worked out great! Of course, Ken is great presenter and teacher. Anyways, just wanted to extend my gratitude to you for your efforts!”


The Computer Workshop has excellent Technical Training in addition to our Business Application and Professional Development (Soft-Skill) Training. Our instructors are experts in the technology they teach. You will always leave class with a good understanding of the software along with tips and extras given to you by the instructor.  We keep classes small allowing students adequate time to ask questions. If you need additional help, you can utilize our after-class support and consulting services.


From a Windows Server 2019 class in March of 2020 (right as we were switching from almost 100% in-classroom delivery to virtual delivery due to the pandemic):  Matthew was great! Very knowledgeable and easy to learn from!; I have taken several MS Server classes over the past 20 years, and this was THE BEST I had attended.


Regarding the 20345-1B Administering Microsoft Exchange Server class on March 16, 2021: “Matthew is an amazing teacher, he took what is normally pretty dry material and made it engaging and pertinent to my work.”; “Matthew was a good teacher and provided excellent information on exchange and tools to configure and monitor exchange.”



Regarding an IBM Cognos Analytics - Author Reports Fundamentals on November 17, 2020: “Thank you Holly for sending the certificates so quickly.  This was a great class.  Kudos to Vinay who is extremely knowledgeable and always ready to help, explain, or answer questions when needed.  He handled the totally virtual class really well in spite of not being able to see student reactions and body language.”


One of the most popular areas of study is Data Analytics. Since The Computer Workshop stays on the cutting edge of technology, we have several classes that fall in this category. If we don’t have a course that fits your needs, we will work with our many Partners to provide the class for you. We want to be your 1-Stop Shop for training.


From a Storytelling with Data using Excel class in May of 2020 (Everyone is getting used to working from home and communicating virtually): “Jeffrey was a spectacular instructor.  He made our learning seem like playing.  He is by far, the best and most entertaining instructor I have ever had (including college courses).  He did not lose my attention even for a minute.  He was careful to relate to the other class members.   Jeffrey was also very, very knowledgeable on the subject matter.”


From a Tableau Introduction for Analyst on April 16, 2021: “Brandi did a great job with this class.  She was given several tough questions and answered all but a few.  Those she could not answer directly, she took the time to take our emails so as to reach out to her contacts and get back with us.  The class was perfect for an introductory class and the speed was a good pace for beginners in BI development as well as more advanced persons.”


From an Advanced Tableau class on May 4, 2021: “Ira did a wonderful job and explained the information in a way I could understand.”


From a Storytelling with Tableau class on May 25, 2021: “Ray was a great instructor and took the time to understand our questions and offer multiple ways to achieve our goals. Highly satisfied.”


From an Analyzing Data with Excel course in April of 2020 (again, adjusting to the new norm of virtual delivery for everyone): “Suzanne is excellent at presenting technical material and is very personable!  I really like the labs feature used for this course and think that accommodates a wide range of student abilities and makes it more difficult for mistakes and oversights by students that can hold up the class from moving along.”


From a Storytelling with Data Using Excel class on April 20, 2021: “What can I say?  I never imagined taking a rather dry subject matter training class and laughing so hard I cry!  Jeffrey is an amazing instructor.  I love all the crazy movie references, crazy voices, and totally random singing!  It is amazing how he made random references fit the subject matter.  What an absolutely wonderful instructor.  Can I work with him everyday!?!?”


From our Webinar on June 8, 2021 covering Data Science and presented by Jeff Felice, President of CertNexus: “Thank you for all the information!”; “This was a very well-presented webinar filled with useful information – glad I attended”.


Did you know that The Computer Workshop has a Certified Adobe Ace on staff? Brian is an expert instructor not only in all the Adobe products, but also for all the Microsoft Business Applications and Video Editing software.  That is one of the benefits of taking a class at TCW, the instructors are trained across multiple platforms and can help you integrate the software files where appropriate.


From an Adobe Captivate Essentials class on May 19, 2021 (we are all used to remote learning now, but some still prefer classroom – time to come back): Great Instructor, Brian did a great job keeping the class fun and engaging.


From an Adobe Captivate Beyond the Essentials class on May 21, 2021: “Great two-day class, tailored to our training needs.”  


From an Adobe Illustrator class on July 31, 2020: Brian was great and really catered the course to what would be best for me! I appreciated how responsive he was to questions and helpful he was in solving technical difficulties.


For over 33 years, Business User courses have been offered along with our IT, Graphics and Professional Development Courses - they are like Flour and Sugar in a cake - it won't be complete without them.  Many thought that once students started learning to use a computer in kindergarten (or before) that needing training on Excel, Word, and other ‘end-user’ software would no longer be needed.  The truth is that the software of today keeps getting more powerful with more capability, making what a student learned in school outdated by the time they need to use it in the workplace.  That is why Excel is still one of our most requested classes.  In fact, most office workers would benefit from taking even a beginning course in their office software – you don’t know what you don’t know, and you don’t use what you don’t know.  We will teach you what you don’t know!


From an Excel Level 1 class on January 9, 2021: Excellent teaching.  I'm very excited about what I've learned and how to use.


From an Office 365 class on April 20, 2020: Suzanne is amazing, she was on point. She helped me learn a valuable tool that will help in the future of our profession. Kudos to her for a job well done in instruction and flexibility.


From an Excel Level 3 class on Saturday, January 23, 2021: Wonderful.  Very informative.  I will be taking more classes.  Online on Saturday classes are great for me.


From a SharePoint class on March 15, 2021: Suzanne was great!  Very knowledgeable and very patient and understanding.  Thanks for your kindness, Suzanne, whenever I had an emergency dental appointment.  We picked back up and made it through the training, which I didn't want to miss!!!  YOU ROCK!


The Computer Workshop started in 1988 as a Technology Training and Consulting Company, but it didn’t take long to realize that ‘Soft-Skills’ or ‘Personal Skills’ and Project Management were equally as important for a well-rounded employee. We have hundreds of courses to help with Project Management, Leadership, Communication, Customer Service, and the list goes on.  Of course, we customize classes for many of our courses – especially in the area of personal skill development. Jeffrey is our primary instructor for most of these courses, but also teaches many of the Microsoft Office courses – again, the students benefit from this cross-platform approach.


From a Project Leadership, Management and Communications class on May 25, 2021: “Jeffrey is an excellent instructor with a genuine desire to help his students to succeed, an engaging manner, and some valuable tips and techniques to share.”


From an Effective Presentations class on February 18, 2021: This course was excellent - Jeffrey was extremely helpful on how to make our presentations and more importantly how to deliver the presentation for people!  


From a Critical Thinking class on February 11, 2021: Jeffrey was great, I typically hate these sort of trainings, but this one was enjoyable and informative.


Two comments from a Business Writing class on May 22, 2020: It was amazing!  Jeffrey was a delight to spend the day with.  I learned a lot more than I thought I would and came away with many concrete suggestions to implement in my writing.; This was great, would be better in person. but this is the life we live right now


What does all of this say about The Computer Workshop?

  • 33 years of experience pays off – you benefit from our extensive experience in training corporate America
  • Train with a company who consistently gets Great Reviews
  • It is best to Partner with a company that stays at the leading edge – offering the latest technology available
  • If you like a friendly atmosphere, you will love taking classes at our Training Center; you can feel it from the minute you enter the facility according to our clients.
  • We are thorough and flexible
  • We come highly recommended
  • If we don’t have a course, we will find one for you
  • We have excellent Instructors who are subject matter experts
  • Our Support Staff are ‘Top-Notch’


If you can’t believe any of this, come take a class from us or rent one of our rooms for your next meeting and find out for yourself!  You can also visit our YouTube Channel and get a small taste of the education we provide.


Bottom Line:  Learn from the Best!  Call 800-639-3535 and ask for one of our Education Consultants.