Why Choose TCW - October 2023

Navigating the Digital Training Landscape with TCW

By Becky Anzalone

Last month, we hosted our TechConnect speaker event, which brought together the vibrant community we've cultivated over the past 35 years. At The Computer Workshop (TCW), we take immense pride in our ability to offer valuable, free resources to educate and empower individuals and businesses in the ever-evolving world of technology training. More than just a training provider, TCW serves as a trusted guide, offering a multitude of pathways to help you or your team navigate and thrive in this rapidly changing digital landscape.

TechConnect provided our community with a valuable opportunity to hear from distinguished speakers discussing the current impact of emerging technologies on various industries and strategies for adapting to these changes. During the morning sessions, we gained insights into nurturing our new hires into the skilled technicians our organizations require, while also addressing the latest technologies shaping the workforce. In the evening sessions, the spotlight was on crucial topics such as cybersecurity, data analytics, and change management.

The success of this event has inspired us to expand our offerings further. We are planning to host more online tech talks, addressing the essential knowledge our clients need to thrive in this fast-paced environment.

In addition to furnishing our community with invaluable free resources, we are committed to delivering our training solutions at the best possible value to you. Take a closer look at the extensive range of offerings we provide.

  1. Diverse Course Selection: TCW stands out for its extensive range of training programs meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. Whether your interests lie in web development, data science, cybersecurity, or end-user software, TCW has you covered. Our course offerings, including "Advanced Machine Learning" and "Python Programming," are designed to equip your staff with the latest skills to keep pace with emerging technologies. Additionally, we offer soft skills courses such as “Business Communications” and “Teamwork and Team Building” to ensure your team is well-rounded and aligned with your company values.

  2. Exceptional Customer Service: Our dedicated Education Specialists work tirelessly to chart the ideal training paths based on your company’s unique objectives. With their expertise, they can help you determine the most suitable courses in a single meeting, ensuring you find the perfect class date. They also assist in streamlining student scheduling and managing funding reimbursements, all with the single goal of making the entire process seamless and hassle-free for you.

  3. Industry-Expert Instructors: At TCW, we take pride in our exceptional faculty of industry experts, each boasting extensive experience in their respective fields. Our instructors are certified in key areas such as cybersecurity, data analytics, web development, Microsoft technologies, and SCRUM. This wealth of real-world expertise is brought into the classroom, allowing your staff to gain practical knowledge that directly applies to their roles. The mentorship and guidance of our instructors are instrumental in helping your team thrive in their respective domains.

  4. Interactive Learning Environment: TCW goes beyond traditional passive lectures and presentations. Our courses foster an engaging and interactive learning environment, prioritizing active participation, robust discussion, and collaborative exercises. Through hands-on labs and group activities, your team applies their newly acquired skills in real-world scenarios. This approach not only enhances knowledge retention but also nurtures teamwork and problem-solving abilities, enabling your staff to tackle challenges effectively. The interactive nature of TCW's training ensures that your employees can immediately apply what they learn to drive results within your organization.

  5. Flexible Learning Options: Recognizing the importance of accessibility and versatility, TCW offers both in-person and virtual learning environments, allowing your employees to participate in classes from anywhere. For added convenience, instructors can even visit your office to provide customized group training. We continually enhance our learning platforms to ensure participants can access courses and materials conveniently, enabling them to continue their learning journey even amidst busy schedules.

  6. Ongoing Support and Networking Opportunities: TCW's commitment to students extends well beyond course completion. Our instructors remain readily available for ongoing support and networking opportunities. The invaluable connections you forge with industry experts open doors to future career opportunities. Additionally, our career support services have empowered countless individuals to secure job placements and promotions, further emphasizing TCW's commitment to your long-term success.

TCW stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of technology education, guiding individuals, and organizations towards success in the dynamic digital landscape. We are not merely a training provider; we are your dedicated partner on the journey to mastering technology. Reach out to us today and embark on the path to achieving your goals in the ever-evolving world of technology. Your success story begins with TCW!

In the words of our satisfied students and clients:

“I appreciate the classes I took with your company these past couple of months and have nothing but glowing recommendations to give to my coworkers. Your team has gone all out, to make my technical education experience both delightful and impactful.”
- Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Database Specialist

“I’ll tell ya these classes have really made a difference for our team. We are diving deeper into O365 discovering really great features to deploy. Nerdy talk :)”
- Community Housing Network, Information Technology Director

Database Consulting Session: “I want to let you know everyone had a great time at the Computer Workshop. The time spent was well worth it! Skye was awesome! Very helpful. My software developers enjoyed speaking with her and having an opportunity to bounce ideas off of another developer.”
-Ohio Capital Corporation For Housing IT Manager

Project Management Professional (PMP) Course: “The content is ideal as setup now, a good mix between training material, material review questions, and actual test questions. The kahoot sessions are an absolutely great way to host a quiz. Not only fun, but 100% in line with the training material.”
- United States Coast Guard Captain

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