Why Choose TCW - September 2021

Why Choose The Computer Workshop

for Your Training Partner?

The Computer Workshop has proven many times that we are interested more in your learning experience than our bottom line. Not saying that we don't want to make a profit, we do, but our main focus is on our clients. We have a wide variety of courses to offer and many different ways to deliver them.

One example of 'thinking outside the box' would be the Influencing Up course that we did with one of our clients in Atlanta, GA. Half of the day was spent in the classroom and the other half was spent at a local Escape Room learning how to influence team members that our way out of the escape room would work! Great exercise for this type of class!

During this pandemic, we were faced with converting all of our classrooms to a virtual learning environment. We were very successful, but now - what to do with empty classrooms? We had just moved into a new building the year before. We took one of our classrooms and made it into a 'Green Room' for video production. Go to our YouTube channel to see all the free learning videos with a wide variety of short lessons. We are happy to report, that students are choosing to come back to the classroom. Also, we rent our classrooms out. Whether you want a place to hold a team meeting or to do your own training, contact us for rates!

We also have a Curriculum Development team that develops specialty courses for our clients and for topics currently not available - classes such as Thriving
 with the Hybrid Workplace for Managers and Thriving in the Hybrid Workplace for Employees (it takes both sides to make this work)!

We could go on and on about why you should choose us for your training, but compliments from our clients say it best. The following was an email sent in from a student taking our Storytelling with Data 2: Renegades in Excel class. This class was also developed by our trainer.

“Just wanted to provide feedback: That was the best class I've ever attended during my bleak mid-career era. I was able to keep up with Part 2 without having taken the prerequisite with intermediate Excel skills (which others would need); and the class was perfectly designed to allow practice while keeping everyone together. I learned a TON of new little tricks that I was able to use right away.

I intend to steal many of the delivery techniques for my online sessions in the future. I probably don't need to tell you, but the instructor was AMAZING and made the class so fun and engaging even without two-way audio communication! (I don't remember his name because he didn't talk about himself--which most of the contract instructors we meet do... [constantly]. It was refreshing to have an instructor who cared more about our ability to learn than his evals--which I'm sure were 5s across the board.) Thank you so much for being bold and showing the rest of us how to do online training in 2021.”

The only thing I have to say about this comment is to come take a class and see for yourself Why Choose The Computer Workshop.