Why Choose TCW - September 2023

Investing in the Community through Generosity and Tech Initiatives

By Kelly Blankenship

In the world of technology, where innovation is key and diversity is essential, partnerships that empower and educate today's youth are worth celebrating. One such partnership that deserves the spotlight is the collaboration between The Computer Workshop (TCW) and CoolTechGirls. Together, they are harnessing the power of education, mentorship, and technology to shape the future of STEM for young girls. In this article, we will delve deeper into this remarkable alliance and how it's changing the game for aspiring young tech enthusiasts.

CoolTechGirls: Fostering the Future of STEM
CoolTechGirls (CTG) is a dynamic organization on a mission to ignite the spark of interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) among young girls. Through innovative programs, hands-on workshops, mentorship, and immersive tech experiences, they empower girls to explore and excel in the world of technology. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident in their efforts to bridge the gender gap in STEM, providing a supportive community where girls can connect, learn, and thrive.

The Computer Workshop: A Commitment to Skill-building
On another side of this partnership is The Computer Workshop, an industry leader in providing technology training and education services. With a track record of excellence spanning almost four decades, TCW is committed to equipping individuals and organizations with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's tech-driven landscape.

The Power of Collaboration
The collaboration between CoolTechGirls and The Computer Workshop represents the power of synergy. TCW's expertise in technology training complements CoolTechGirls' mission to inspire and educate young girls in STEM. This partnership allows CoolTechGirls to enhance its programs with expert guidance, ensuring that participants receive the highest quality tech education available.

Through this collaboration, young girls involved with CoolTechGirls gain access to not only TCW's wealth of knowledge and experience but other organizations as well. They have the opportunity to learn from industry professionals, acquire in-demand tech skills, and prepare themselves for future educational and career opportunities.

Empowering the Future
This partnership between The Computer Workshop and CoolTechGirls exemplifies a shared commitment to empowering the future of STEM. By bridging the gender gap and providing young girls with the tools they need to succeed in technology, they are nurturing a new generation of diverse and talented individuals who will shape the tech industry.

As we celebrate this remarkable non-profit, we are reminded that progress in the tech world depends on inclusivity and education. The dedication of CoolTechGirls and The Computer Workshop to this mission is not only commendable but also essential for creating a more diverse and innovative future.


CoolTechGirls and their partners are forging a path toward a brighter future in technology for all. Their unwavering commitment to empowering young girls in STEM is commendable and exemplifies the positive impact that collaborations can have on our society. To learn more about their incredible work and how you can support their mission, we invite you to visit their website at CoolTechGirls.org. Together, we can ensure that the future of technology is inclusive, diverse, and filled with limitless possibilities for aspiring young minds.

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