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In our ever-challenging world of tech-centered workdays, an individual may find themselves asked to create a report or presentation that requires a skillset not exercised in quite some time.  You remember taking that training course when you started at the company, but your tasks don't require the use of those skills taught.  If only you could get a refresher without taking the whole training session.  Additionally, this tech-centered working world has sped up the process to the point that taking time away to retake a training may well be out of the question, so you try to muddle through the assignment taking far more time using the hunt-and-peck method than it would have taken to add the training time anyway.

As per usual, there is an answer that fits the bill in every aspect of the word (bill).  Express Classes are being developed to proved the busy, task-laden worker the help they need to be more productive and efficient.  No longer do you need to overburden yourself with another worry as you rack your brain trying to recall tips, shortcuts, or applications you were trained to do in the past but have not been able to utilize until now, years later; all while keeping up on all the other tasks to which you have been assigned.

What Are TCW Express Classes Anyway?

TCW Express Classes are one to four-hour sessions focused on topics that are usually part of a full training regimen.  The training format of Express Classes align nicely with the findings of a learning professionals' survey which revealed that 94% of respondents claimed that learners preferred short-form modules.  The same survey revealed that 65% of the respondents stated that too much information is typically presented at one time, often overwhelming the learner.

Content chunking, for instructional design, is the strategy of breaking up content into shorter, bite-sized pieces that are more manageable and easier to remember.  It's a great technique for designing successful online training courses.  Express Classes are examples of chunking.  We are taking topics from full training programs and making them the focus of the class.  Let's look at an example to help us better understand the topic:

Say you are tasked to create an attractive pamphlet for your company's upcoming job fair.  You are quite adept at typing and formatting a business letter but have never attempted an attractive pamphlet before.  You remember three years ago during a series of training sessions in Word, Publisher, or PowerPoint, that there was a topic dealing with pamphlets.  Not having to use this information for so long, you just cannot recall how to do the task but re-taking whichever course again, is simply out of the question.  If you could just get a refresher on the pamphlet topic, you believe you can tackle the task at hand.  An Express Class is just the answer!  A brief class on the single topic of creating a pamphlet can re-generate the skillset needed in less time than what you would have spent using the hunt-and-peck method (and the final product will be much more attractive and appreciated, too).

In a study conducted by Wainhouse Research, 51% of 533 respondents believe that Express Classes and webinars are more or just as effective as full-day training classes, and another 36% believe they are almost as effective.  Why might this be?  Researchers have been asking the questions concerning best learning scenarios since "forever".  Motivation and focus are two highly integral aspects of learning.  If a person is highly motivated to learn, there are few elements that can keep that from happening.  Add to the focused content on the skillset requested, without all the peripheral "tag-a-long" topics, and you have a win/win learning scenario.

The single most expressed concern with seeking training is Cost-Efficiency.
Individuals and companies alike want to know that they are getting the most cost-effective product available. 
TCW Express Classes are a great answer to this concern! 
As Express Classes are typically single topic-focused, and one to four hours in length, the cost for such training is much more affordable and can be recognized as a positive return on investment for any business, large or small.

This new approach to training design also provides an answer to another expressed concern about training flexibility.
Express Classes give participants flexibility while learning as they can schedule an in-person class at a slower part of their day or they can access a web-based session during a long lunch break and not need to take the time to commute.

In her article, "8 Reasons Why Refresher Training is a Good Idea", Laura Lynch hit on several applicable insights but one in particular to the subject at hand.  In this ever-changing, ever-growing world of technological innovation and workplace application, it seems as though as quickly as you learn, a new version of the software is introduced.  Express Classes are a great resource to handle these version enhancements.  As Laura implies, employees need to keep up to date on industry training.  TCW Express Classes offer the perfect opportunity to keep your employees on the cutting edge of any new developments.  This is especially important in technical fields where things evolve so rapidly that being behind by even a few short months can have negative consequences for your business.  Though not as rapidly changing, there is an ever-evolving social climate where an Express Class in communication or employee relations can ward off potential human resource concerns.

The Computer Workshop, Inc. has long been your company's partner in helping make your business the best version it can be by being your one-stop training service company!

As you can see, Express Classes are becoming more and more popular for today's busy professionals, both in the area of productivity and cost-effectiveness.  We are constantly seeking the latest in computer and professional development needs and preparing courses to help you keep abreast.  Express Classes are just the latest training solutions The Computer Workshop has prepared and is preparing for you.  We already have a library of Express Classes for you to either glean new skillsets or refresh your less-than-often used, yet recently called upon, operations.

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