Academic Policies

Admission Policy:

Students applying for courses with The Computer Workshop, Inc, should be at least 18 years old or have permission from their guardian. All students must meet with an advisor prior to enrollment.

Course Times:

Most of our courses are FULL DAY and will be 8:30am-4:30pm for a typical 7 hour class. Time of course is adjusted based on the hours in the course. Call today to find out a starting time for any classes other than 7 hours. We also offer a flex schedule to accommodate student schedules. Please arrive 20 minutes or more prior to the start of class. Have photo id ready.

Grievance Procedures:

Any student who has a grievance with The Computer Workshop should first discuss the problem with the instructor or Education Director. If a resolution is not reached, the student should make a written complaint and submit it to the Education Director asking for a written response. When a satisfactory resolution of the problem is not obtained, the student may contact the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools, 30 E. Broad St., Suite 2481, Columbus, OH 43215-3414, Phone 614.466.2752; Toll Free: 877.275.4219.

Program Requirements:

Students are expected to be on time and attend all scheduled classes. Documentation of the reason for the absences is required for a student returning to class after an absence. A student that is late more than 1 hour will be required to reschedule that day of class. All classes missed by the student will need to be made up by the end of the completion of the track. Any student that performs in an unsatisfactory manner will be given addition time to obtain satisfactory performance.

Standards for Satisfactory Progress:

100% attendance & satisfactory completion of course materials is required for course completion.


A student unable to attain satisfactory completion will be placed on academic probation and given extra assistance in an effort to reach the expected level of performance.


Any student who is on probation or has dropped out of the track, may be readmitted by completing a personal interview with the school director and paying all fees due at time of readiness.

School Grading:

School Grading is a Pass/Fail Basis.

Leave of Absence:

In event of emergency a short leave may be granted with out penalty.

Graduation Requirements:

Graduation requirements of the track is to complete all courses satisfactory and complete all classroom hours.

Student Conduct and Conditions for Dismissal:

Students are expected to act in a mature and considerate manner in all functions in the school. The following may result in disciplinary action:
  1. Vandalism
  2. Gambling
  3. Disruptive in Class.
  4. Physical Abuse or harassment
  5. Consumption of alcoholic beverages/drugs.
  6. Possession of firearms and weapons.
  7. Smoking, Designated areas are provided. These are some of the reasons for dismissal.

Credit for Previous Education:

Documentation of prior training may be used as a prerequisite.


Thelma Tippie CEO
Terri Williams Davy COO
David Williams Vice President

Lead Instructors:

Brian Ireson
Matthew Fuerst
Jeffrey DeRamus