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The Computer Workshop offers programmers and application developers instructor led courses that provide intermediate to advanced content. Individual classes available in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, WCF services, C# applications for the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, and more. See the list of classes below for detail.
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.NET Framework Class Library Fundamentals 14.00 $995.00
Description: Accelebrates .NET Framework Class Library Fundamentals training gives attendees a thorough introduction to .NET Core for programmers who already know the C language. Students learn core portions of the .NET Framework including architecture and key concepts of .NET, including class libraries, packages, frameworks, memory management, processes, threads, and much more. This course is current to Visual Studio 2017 and .NET Core 2.0. .NET Training Objectives All students will: Gain a thorough understanding of the philosophy and architecture of .NET Core Understand packages, metapackages, and frameworks Acquire a working knowledge of the .NET programming model Implement multi-threading effectively in .NET applications

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10553 - Fundamentals of XAML and Microsoft Expression Blend 21.00 $1,739.00
10554 - Developing Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 4 35.00 $2,899.00
20486D - Developing ASP.NET Core MVC Web Applications 35.00 $2,899.00
40361 - Software Development Fundamentals 21.00 $1,739.00
40372 - Microsoft .NET Fundamentals 21.00 $1,739.00
40373 - Mobile Development Fundamentals 21.00 $1,739.00
40374 - Gaming Development Fundamentals 21.00 $1,739.00
40375 - HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals 21.00 $1,739.00
Application Lifecycle and Management Using Visual Studio 2019 21.00 $1,739.00
ASP.NET Core 3 Development 28.00 $2,495.00
Beginning Modern C and .Net Development 21.00 $1,739.00
Microservices, ASP.NET Core, and Docker 28.00 $2,495.00