Sales Performance International (SPI) has authorized the The Computer Workshop to sell and deliver the Solution Selling® Suite of programs and services.Please contact us with questions regarding our many programs and services. Our goal is to enable our clients to develop and maintain a highly successful, high-performing sales culture. 

What is Solution Selling®?

A Sales Process - Solution Selling® not only helps with what to do, but it specifically focuses on how to do it.

A Philosophy - The customer is the focal point. Helping customers solve their business problems and achieve positive, measurable results to those problems is the basis of all actions.

A Map - Solution Selling® provides a map of how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

A Methodology - Solution Selling® is a system of methods that includes tools, job aids, techniques, and procedures.

A Sales Management System - Solution Selling® provides sales and executive management with a process to analyze pipelines, qualify opportunities, and coach skills.

Across all Solution Selling® courses, every participant in training also receives a comprehensive set of invaluable job aids and tools.  Every job aid in Solution Selling® helps sales professionals to execute and win sales campaigns, faster and more profitably.  In summary, Solution Selling® enables improved selling behavior, so that the right things will be accomplished in the right manner at the right time, resulting in increased performance and revenues. Solution Selling® is the catalyst for developing and maintaining a high performance sales culture.

Today, the Solution Selling® Learning Library provides a proven, integrated curriculum for critical skills and knowledge improvement that spans more than 40 specific skill and competency areas. These methodology and selling skills training offerings can be applied selectively to meet specific skills gaps, or adapted and integrated to provide an end-to-end educational platform for all roles in the sales organization.

Recent independent research has demonstrated that companies that invest in Solution Selling® realize measurable, year-over-year sales performance improvement, including:

1. Higher individual quota attainment

2. Higher team quota attainment

3. Increase in average deal size

4. Improved time to productivity

Solution Selling®’s successful track record for reliable performance improvement began over two decades ago, with the initial release of the original sales execution training program. Since then, through ongoing development and updates, the range and depth of Solution Selling® sales process, supporting methodologies and tools has expanded significantly to a broad library of best practices – one that now spans the full range of essential sales planning, execution, management, and marketing disciplines.