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The Computer Workshop offers IBM training for Network Specialists, Network Administrators, and Network Support Engineers. Select the course below or talk to our educational consultants about scheduling a class for your specific requirements.
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IBM AIX Jumpstart for UNIX Professionals (AN14G) 35.00 $4,590.00
Description: Provide focused training for experienced UNIX administrators on how to install, customize, and administer the AIX operating system in a multiuser POWER (System p) partitioned environment. The course is based on AIX 7.1 running on a Power system managed by Hardware Management Console version 7 and provides practical discussions that are appropriate to earlier AIX releases. Skills Gained Install the AIX operating system, filesets, and RedHat Package Manager (RPM) packages Perform system startup and shutdown Discuss and use system management tools such as System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) and IBM Systems Director console for AIX Manage physical and logical devices Discuss the purpose of the logical volume manager Perform logical volume and file system management Perform and restore system backups Use the AIX error log as a tool in problem determination Configure Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) networking

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IBM Cognos Analytics - Author Reports Advanced v11.1.x (B6259G) 14.00 $1,860.00
IBM Cognos Analytics - Author Reports Fundamentals v11.1.x (B6258G) 21.00 $2,565.00
IBM Cognos Analytics - Enterprise Administration v11.1.x (B6255G) 14.00 $1,775.00
IBM DB2 11.1 Administration Workshop for Linux (CL207G) 28.00 $3,340.00
IBM i System Administration (OL19G) 35.00 $4,280.00
IBM MQ V9 System Administration, using Linux for labs (WM154G) 28.00 $3,445.00
IBM MQ V9 System Administration, using Windows for labs (WM153G) 28.00 $3,445.00
IBM MQ V9.1 System Administration, using Windows for labs (WM156G) 35.00 $3,975.00
IBM Spectrum Scale Advanced Administration for Linux (H006G) 21.00 $3,030.00
IBM Spectrum Scale Basic Administration for Linux and AIX (H005G) 21.00 $2,695.00
IBM WebSphere Application Server V9 Administration (WA590G) 21.00 $2,655.00
IBM: Power Systems for AIX Virtualization 1: Implementing Virtualization (AN30G) 35.00 $4,700.00
IBM: Unix / AIX Basics (AN10G) 21.00 $2,660.00
Red Hat System Administration II - RH134 35.00 $5,000.00
Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.10.5 (WB404G) 35.00 $4,435.00
Fundamentals of IBM Operational Decision Manager 7.00 $885.00
IBM Administration of IBM DataPower Gateway V7.6 (WE761G) 21.00 $2,820.00
IBM Cognos Analytics - Departmental Administration (v11.0) eLearning B6091GW 2.00 $200.00
IBM Cognos Analytics for Consumers (v11.0) eLearning (B6088GW) 1.00 $200.00
IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS V9.6 - Practitioner (QN201G) 7.00 $915.00
IBM Essentials of Service Development for IBM DataPower Gateway V7.5 (WE751G) 21.00 $2,505.00
IBM InfoSphere QualityStage Essentials v11.5 (KM213G) 28.00 $3,550.00
IBM Integration Bus V10 System Administration (WM646G) 35.00 $4,175.00
IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) Planning and Implementation Workshop (SNV1G) 28.00 $3,880.00
IBM Storwize V7000 Implementation Workshop (SSE1G) 28.00 $4,125.00
IBM Technical Introduction to IBM MQ (WM103G) 7.00 $860.00
IBM: Power Systems for AIX Virtualization II: Advanced Power VM and Performance (AN31G) 35.00 $4,785.00