ArcGIS Courses

Instructor led classes teach essential skills for being efficient with ArcGIS, a for working with maps and geographic information. Explore geographic information system (GIS) data through ArcMap and create maps to illustrate relationships in the data. Intermediate courses are available for students who want to learn more about efficiently and effectively working in ArcGIS. Select the course below or talk to our educational consultants about scheduling a class for your specific requirements.
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ArcGIS Pro Intermediate 21.00 $1,689.00
Description: One of the things that makes ArcGIS so useful is the tremendous amount of data available to map and analyze. In this course, you will learn to find, connect to, create, manage, and analyze that data. You will learn to search government sites for available GIS data, import non-GIS data formats, and to connect your maps to non-spatial spreadsheets, database tables, and other file formats. For example, linking parcels to scanned documents like deeds, and attaching photographs to road hazard locations. You will also learn to create, maintain, and manipulate your organizations internal data to keep the data relevant, up-to-date, and useful. Finally, this course also teaches you how to present your GIS data, by focusing on map labeling techniques and layout skills.

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ArcGIS Pro Introduction 14.00 $1,158.00
ArcGIS: ModelBuilder for ArcGIS Pro 14.00 $1,158.00
Python for ArcGIS Pro 21.00 $1,689.00
ArcGIS Dashboards Workshop 4.00 $299.00
ArcGIS Pro Advanced 21.00 $1,689.00
ArcGIS Pro Quick-Start for the GIS Professional 14.00 $995.00
ArcGIS Web App Builder 7.00 $499.00
ArcGIS Web Map Essentials - Adding ArcGIS Online and Portal to Your GIS Skillset 14.00 $995.00
ArcGIS: Making Better Story Maps 4.00 $299.00
ArcGIS: Scripting with Arcade 7.00 $499.00