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CN120: Kubernetes Application Essentials 14.00 $1,550.00
Description: Whether your focus is on developing containerized applications or managing a container-centric infrastructure, CN120 introduces Kubernetes container orchestration for everyone involved in the software development life cycle. Through a real-world approach for design and deployment considerations, students can expect to learn about the foundational Kubernetes components required for application workloads. Specifically, students will examine Kubernetes architecture, explore how Kubernetes objects work together for running an application, and learn how Kubernetes makes use of compute, networking, and storage resources. Skills Gained Make effective use of pod architecture Deploy workloads as Kubernetes controllers Provision configuration at runtime to Kubernetes workloads Network pods together across a cluster using native services Provision highly available storage to Kubernetes workloads Package an application as a Helm chart

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CN220: Kubernetes Operations 14.00 $1,750.00
CN230: Kubernetes Native Application Development 14.00 $1,900.00
CN251: Cloud Native Operations Bootcamp 35.00 $3,800.00
CN100: Docker Containerization Essentials 7.00 $750.00
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CN110: Docker Swarm Application Essentials 7.00 $750.00
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CN252: Cloud Native Development Bootcamp 35.00 $3,800.00
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CN320: Advanced Kubernetes Operations 14.00 $1,950.00
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