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Diversity: Generational Gap 7.00 $429.00
Description: Seeking the familiar is human. It is comfortable and reassuring. However, unilaterally rejecting the unfamiliar-- the different-- hobbles ourselves and society in devastating ways. Differences are a source of strength. They provide us a window into circumstances and situations that we could never hope to fathom on our own. We gain a perspective that otherwise would be invisible and unattainable. Yet, one of the most human differences still divides us: age. Aging and being amongst those from multiple generations is both natural and necessary. Those who came before have experiences to share. Those experiences unlock unseen paths. While those who are new may ask the questions no one else thought to ask. Blending the two are the keys to success as well as personal and communal growth. How do we come to understand each generation, the perspectives they bring and how to synergize these walks of life? Its time to traverse the Generational Gap.

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Inclusion: Going Beyond Diversity 7.00 $429.00
Sensitivity Training 7.00 $399.00
Unconscious Bias 7.00 $429.00