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Our instructor led classes prepare Project and Service Management Professionals seeking ITIL Certification. Select the course below or talk to our educational consultants about scheduling a class for your specific requirements.
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Fast Track To Java EE5 with Servlets, JSP JDBC 35.00 $2,899.00
Description: Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE 5) is a powerful platform for building web applications. The Java EE platform offers all the advantages of developing in Java plus a comprehensive suite of server-side technologies. This course tells you what you need to know to design and build your own web applications. Youll learn the details of the key Java EE technologies and how to leverage the strengths of each, with special focus on Servlets and JSP. At the same time, youll be learning about the big picture of Java EE and how to design web applications that are robust, efficient, and maintainable. If you want to deliver an application on the web, youll find this course essential. The course begins with a discussion of web application architecture. A major part of the course is spent on Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) with special focus on using the JSTL. It then covers JDBC, Javas database access technology. The course concludes with an introduction to EJB and other important Java EE technologies. Throughout the course, students will create code for a online store. Students will learn not only specific topics and APIs but also how to fit the pieces together into a complete application. All labs are done with the Eclipse IDE, and the lab instructions include detailed directions for setting up and using it. The standard application server used is Tomcat, but it is available for all major app servers, including GlassFish, JBoss AS, IBM WebSphere AS, and Weblogic AS. Skills Gained: Design and build robust and maintainable web applications Create dynamic HTML content with Servlets and Java ServerPages, using the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) Make Servlets and JSP work together cleanly Use JSTL and other Custom Tag Libraries to separate Java and HTML code Access databases with JDBC Use Enterprise JavaBeans effectively from Servlets and JSP See the full descriptions for detailed content

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